Kylie + Jamie Pre-Wedding Short

Right from the beginning we knew a cute documentary or montage style love story just wouldn’t cut it for Kylie and Jamie’s Pre-Wedding video. They were all about creating laughs and smiles rather than tears and ‘aww’s. So with a little inspiration from Wes Anderson, and a lot of influence from Kylie and Jamie’s fun-loving personalities, we thought a comically alternate tale of this couple’s first meet might be just the ticket. And with seven (ridiculously-good-looking) close-knit members of the bridal party keen to take part, we had an ideal cast.

The enthusiastic couple and co. took time off work, so we had the picturesque Little Bay beach in Sydney almost entirely to ourselves this warm Tuesday. It was the perfect chance to take our new Sony FS700 for a spin and put to use its slow motion capabilities. Not to mention a great excuse to leave Melbourne behind and spend some quality time at the beach!

It was such a beautiful day, I didn’t need much persuading to hop in the water with the Lumix GH2 DSLR camera in its underwater housing to capture Adnan’s remarkable drowning performance. We were equally impressed by the ease with which the girls fell into their swooning characters and it seemed as if Kane was born to play his charming lifeguard role, no direction necessary. The twins (Emma and Deane), Kylie and Jamie performed with equal parts grace and hilarity, and overall we had a pretty good day!


wedding_video_melbourne_103 wedding_video_melbourne_101 wedding_video_melbourne_102 wedding_video_melbourne_104

wedding_video_melbourne_108 wedding_video_melbourne_109

wedding_video_melbourne_106 wedding_video_melbourne_110


There was one slight hitch, when it was revealed that somehow in the confusion of filming, an album containing all of Jamie’s childhood photos had been left behind at the beach. Thankfully with a little detective work by the Clark’s, the photos were retrieved from a good Samaritan passerby.

Only a few days later the finished film was up on the big screen, playing to Kylie and Jamie’s packed out reception hall, and we couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction.

wedding_video_melbourne_113 wedding_video_melbourne_115 wedding_video_melbourne_114 wedding_video_melbourne_112 wedding_video_melbourne_111 wedding_video_melbourne_116

If you’re interested in a Super Short of your own, we should meet up and we can let you know about our process.